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Permanent Access

Having the Know-how

TRACTEL® has over 50 years experience in developing taylor- made solutions for both temporary and permanent suspended access on all continents.

Applications and Design

Using the latest CAD tools, calculation software and advanced hoisting solutions (patented TIRAK™ hoist) our Design Department produces innovative, leading edge access solutions.

Production and Quality Control

With the aim of total Quality, our complete organisation is certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Delivery and After-sales Service.

Available for all technical or commercial requests, the TRACTEL® Sales and After-sales Teams can respond with very short reaction time.

Access to the most inaccessible areas

The TRACTEL® Group is the world’s leader in permanent suspended access solutions, with more than 8,000 Building Maintenance Units references worldwide. These systems allow the maintenance of the world’s most prestigious buildings.

The different technical solutions developed by TRACTEL® (roof cars, monorail, jibs, platforms, ladders, gantries, …) are all solutions that can easily be integrated into a building architecture while taking into account the customer’s aesthetic, technical and economic requirements.

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